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New Golf Video Lesson: How to avoid hitting the Ground with your Driver

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New Golf Tip: Improve Your Distance

The real secret to hitting straighter, more-consistent shots is to have a square clubface at impact. If your clubface connects squarely with the ball, your shots fly straight. It's that simple! One way to promote a square clubface at impact is to have one at the top of the backswing. If you're not square at the top, you have to manipulate the club in some way to make it square at impact. This can lead to all kinds of timing problems. Here's a good drill that teaches you how to play from a square position. With a club in hand, lift your arms just up to the forehead, and then rotate the shoulders as far as possible, allowing a full backswing. This sets your hands in a square position at the top and encourages a full turn. If you can hold this position for a few seconds, it helps ingrain the proper feeling that you should have at the top of the swing.

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New Golf Club Review

Pinemeadow Command Factor Irons

Pinemeadow Command Factor Irons

The heads of these irons are substantially smaller in size compared to other Pinemeadow irons reviewed on this website, while keeping about the same weight. They can be considered being 'Semi-Pro' irons, a mix between a blade and a game improvement irons...

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